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Manitoba Early Literacy Intervention Teachers
MTS PD Day Oct 2023
One Size Does Not Fit All: Responsive teaching for every learner

Please Note:  All sessions will be offered virtually (via Zoom) and in-person.  In-person registration includes lunch.

Keynote Speakers

SAT Group Portrait Karen Boyd_edited.jpg
The Reading Landscape (K-AM)
Karen Boyd (Assistant Superintendent of Educational Programming RETSD)
Landscapes can be welcoming and full of life, or treacherous and uninhabitable. How can the Manitoba ELA curriculum help teachers and students to view literacy as a thriving ecosystem that values all of the parts to support growth for both students and teachers?
Dr Nigaan Sinclair_edited.jpg
Dr. Niigaan Sinclair (Head of the Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba)
Dr. Sinclair is an Anishinaabe writer, editor, and activist.  He is currently Head of the Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba where he holds the Faculty of Arts Professorship in Indigenous Knowledge and Aesthetics.  Niigaan is a journalist, public speaker, and media commentator, who was named to the "Power List" by Maclean's magazine, as one of the most influential individuals in Canada. 
Assessing Reconciliation: Presence, Practice, Pedagogy, and Permanence (K-PM 1)
allyson M.jfif
Creating a Community of Support: Transfer and Transitions for Students (K-PM 2)
Dr. Allyson Matczuk 
Moving between supplementary support in individual or small group settings and the classroom context can be challenging for our most vulnerable students. How can we ensure smooth transition and maximize the transfer of newly learned literacy processes into multiple contexts? How can we ensure students have a sense of security on a day-to-day basis and after supplementary support ends? 
Collaboration, cohesion, cooperation, and caring!

Morning Breakout Sessions

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AM 1 Running Records as the Ultimate Tool 

Presenters: Jennifer Flight (Literacy Consultant Manitoba Education; Reading Recovery Trainer CIRR Western Region) and Dr. Allyson Matczuk

In this session, we will examine records, noticing how the student initiates literacy processing and finding evidence showing the development of this inner control.  From this sensitive analysis, we will design instructional emphases with the goal of drawing a new way of working into the child’s repertoire.

AM 2  Indigenous Literacy Responsiveness

Presenter: Gloria D Sinclair

This session will address aspects of literacy through a lens of indigeneity with understandings pertaining to context, nonverbal cues, silences/pauses, along with subconscious knowledge. This workshop session is reflected within Indigenous sources of information to support the path to literacy learning.

AM 3  Responding to Multi-Lingual Learners:  Revealing Strengths

Presenters: Jennifer Chetyrbok (Teacher Dauphin, Manitoba) and Tracy Genik (Reading Recovery Teacher Leader MVSD)

Join us as we honor the diverse strengths of multi-lingual Ukrainian newcomer learners in order to respond effectively.  Using a language learning lens, we can observe for and respond to children's prior history of learning opportunities and extend the literate path for these children.

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