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Navigating choppy waters together

There is no doubt that the latest media frenzy around what's considered 'best practice' in terms of early reading and writing instruction has captured public attention.  Making sense out of the plethora of information becomes even more overwhelming when it is presented within 'this' or 'that' narratives.

Becoming critical consumers of information is no easy task. It takes time, effort, and ultimately a mindset of curiosity. While each of us may hold different views as to how learning might best be achieved for individual children, we ultimately share the common goal of wanting to support their social, emotional, and cognitive growth. 

At MELIT we aim to help both

members and non-members stay informed.

Please click on the button below to find a series of links that respond to the current media storm promoting phonics first instruction.  

“If literacy teaching only brings a simple theory to a set of complex activities, then the learner has to bridge the gaps created by the theoretical simplification.  The lowest literacy achievers will have extreme difficulty bridging any gaps in the teaching programme and linking together things that have been taught separately.”

Marie Clay (2001, Change Over Time, p. 105)

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