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About MELIT 





In Manitoba, every School Division, English or Francais, receives an Early Literacy and Numeracy Grant, part of which, is to insure grade one children who are beginning to fall behind their peers in reading and writing receive the early literacy support they need. The funding supports teachers to work in this challenging role.





Early Literacy Intervention Teachers identify and work with the hardest to teach children in the first years of school, taking a preventative, rather than remedial approach to literacy learning difficulties.





 Early Literacy Intervention Teachers work with oral language, reading, and writing, building on strengths and enlarging the pool of knowledge upon which the child is able to draw while helping the child make literacy processes stronger.




Early Literacy Intervention Teachers strive to prevent literacy learning difficulties  through early identification followed by teaching designed to alter a child’s trajectory of progress . We work to support children alongside classroom teachers as a community of professionals.




The aim of the Early Literacy Intervention Teacher is to insure the identified child is able to benefit from classroom instruction alongside his peers.  

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