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Our Objectives:

  • To promote and foster, through The Society, the cause of Early Literacy Intervention education in the Province of Manitoba;

  • To safeguard and advance the interests of the teachers of  Early Literacy Intervention;

  • To provide and promote professional development opportunities for Manitoba teachers in the area of Early Literacy Intervention education.




Just as the role differs, the professional learning needs of the Early Literacy Intervention Teacher differ.   As a Special Area Group, we may be able to offer sessions for:

School Teams:


  • Comprehensive literacy planning




  • Elements of effective intervention

  • How principal’s can support early intervention

  • Using the data from early intervention to improve learning




  • Developing Oral Language

  • Running Records for beginners

  • Advanced Running Records

  • Using Running Records for small groups

  • What the Observation survey tells you

  • Balancing Task Difficulty and support

  • Stories and story-telling

  • Learning to look at print

  • Speeding up the pace of learning.

The early literacy intervention teacher differs from the elementary reading teacher working within the classroom, or the resource teacher designing and implementing remedial instruction for low-progress children who have fallen behind their peers.  The teaching is challenging, the instruction is intense and the teachers form a unique community of professionals


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